Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Best Bike Ever!

I just found out my bike got stolen!! Wahhhhhhhhhh I wanna cry. In case you're wondering it was a beautiful bike. It was a metalic baby blue Redline BMX frame, it had titanium foot pedals because I broke the plastic ones it came with. It had a transplants and Vans sticker. Ooooh my heart hurts. It's name was Dirty numbeer 2. Dirty also had 20 in tires. Sniffle, sniffle, rest in peace Dirty, rest in peace Dirty. Where
ever you are.

Dirty was originally purchased in Chino, CA. Dirty loved sunny California. It traveled the streets of East Los Angeles, Chino, and Santa Monica beaches. It rode the ramps of Hollywood Extreme sports park, where it threw me off the half pipe many a times. It was a bonding form for my sister and I. Together we used to ride the lazy hot summer afternoons and those were the best of times. Dirty wasn't just a bike to me, it was my friend. It was a symbol and memory of my youth. The memories will never be replaced. I miss you Dirty.


This is closest picture I could find of what Dirty sort of looked like.

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