Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Art Journal and Music

I started school yesterday! I was sort of not ready to go back, but now that I started ideas started to flow in my head and I couldn't be full of more excitement. Well, one of our assignments was to start an art journal. It can be combination of writings and drawings as well. At first I was stumped, but once I started one I kept going. I drew them in red, because I love red. It's bright and always stands out. The first one here is pretty straight forward.
The second one here was inspired by something a buddy of mine said. He made me listen to this one song (which I will name later I lost the paper where I wrote it down). Then he proceeded to tell me that this song was "life changing." Well it has to be one amazing song to get that kind of reaction. Indeed it was. Then I thought there has to be a song that made me feel like that...and I thought and thought and finally came up with one. Best of You by the Foo Fighters. The song was so beautiful and the video was even better. So this is what came out of a simple conversation.
In case you're curious and can't see it that well it reads:

"You've awoken my heart & soul to something warm and inviting.

Something that was always there but had gone on hiatus.

Music tells us everything. Music woke me up & told me to be the
"Best of You." That was life changing.
For this I thank you. For this my friendship is yours."

Tada! A little art and a little poem is always good for the heart. music has always been a passion of mine and until recently I hadn't been as crazy about it as I used to be. I'm glad that it has crept back into my life with a full kick...and in case you're wondering I am listening to Death Cab for Cutie's "I will possess your heart."


Alan said...

Balloon Release 56 was found A LONG ways away. Read the story. And sign up for the e-mail notification so I can send you a quick link with everyone at once.


Rhi said...

Love these.