Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Inspiration and The New Year...

One of the things I am reeaaaaaallllly looking forward to is the new year. New beginnings. Well, the other day I thought it would be neat to make a list of things I wanted to do before the year is over and I'm surprised at by how many I have already done. Quite exciting! This makes the last bit of 2008 oh so better. So here with you I share my list and what I have accomplished.
Things I want to do before the year is over….

Make a newspaper hat.
Make peanut butter cookies. _Check
Make a cake.
Drink too much champagne (It doesn't hurt to do it brave!). _Check
Clean my room _Check
Have a yard sale.
Find the perfect bookshelf.
Go antiquing. _Check!!
Finish close!
Start Dino....oh this one I started and it went bad...we need a remix on him.
Have a really good sandwich. _Check
Make a paper chain XMAS countdown. _Too late :(
Start my blog. _CHECK!!! YAY!!
Read one more good book....I have started.
Paint something
Ride my bike again.
Feel REALLY pretty. _Check Check
Go to Austin one more time.
Take 15 really good pictures....also in progress.

Any other good ideas?


charmaine said...

i love your about me write up, i'm a serious Pixar fan too! i also want to tell you to keep up the positive free spirit that you have. very inspiring. and Austin, that's a place i have yet to visit but look forward to. and as far as your picture, before i read the post, i honestly thought it was a picture from the old Hollywood era, so you succeeded. and is that you in the image, very pretty girl! so definitely take some photography classes. i love those old cameras and the black and white picture. your probably thinking, this girl is crazy. i just wanted to say thank you for following my blog. have a Merry Christmas!

God Bless,

Robot Nine said...

How funny, I like robots too. Robot Nne though, has one or two robot posts, maore of an image site. Check it out.

Anonymous said...

Hi there how are you?

I just wanted to stop by and say hello and so hello...LOL I also have something for you at my blog, so when you are ready click here and pick up your award. I am very grateful for your friendship on my blog and yours. Jesse Noe